The Constitution

The ‘'’Constitution of Eniarku’’’, officially the ‘'’Constitution and Basic Law of the Grand Duchy of Eniarku’’’, is the supreme law of the grand duchy. It serves as the foundation of Eniarkian sovereignty and the source of legitimate governing authority, defining the fundamental rights of citiens and providing a framework for the organization of the government under the Crown. The current document was drafted in intermittent sessions that took place from early 2020 until ratification on 28 May 2024, and became effective at 12am on 29 May 2024. It is the first codified constitution in Eniarku’s history.


Upon the establishment of the Republic of Eniarku on 29 May 2009, the founders created a general constitutional scaffolding that provided for the basic functions and offices of government, but no official ratification of this body of documents took place and no surviving copies exist today. As such, from the time of the republic until the lengthy period of inactivity following the decline of the kingdom in mid-2017, the constitution is generally considered to have been uncodified, consisting merely of the combined body of legislation, executive regulations, and judicial decisions issued over the course of the state’s history.

In early 2020, several members of the defunct government and royal family began meeting to discuss Eniarku’s potential return to the micronational community. Recognizing the shortcomings of the numerous incarnations of the state during its long history, the group began drafting a unifying constitutional document that borrowed from the best practices of previous governments, as well as incorporated principles enshrined in the constitutions of several European macronations (including Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Monaco) and the famous rights-protecting documents of France and the United States. The drafters met intermittently from mid-2021 until March 2024, when now-Grand Duke Alexander formally convened the group as the Constitutional Council of Eniarku to initiate serious and routine drafting work. At a brief final meeting of the Council on 28 May 2024, Eniarku’s first codified constitution was unanimously ratified by all members and took effect at midnight on 29 May 2024.


The constitution is relatively short, totaling just under 1,900 words including titles and headers. It is divided into nine substantive sections (excluding the preamble) that establish the grand duchy’s sovereignty within the frameworks of international and intermicronational law, the rights of citizens, the basic structure of and relationship between the state’s institutions, and provisions for amendment and enactment. Grand Duke Alexander’s signature appears at the bottom-right of the final page.


Chapter I. Sovereignty

Chapter II. Fundamental Rights & Liberties

Chapter III. Foundation of the State

Chapter IV. The Crown & Succession to the Throne

Chapter V. The Government

Chapter VI. The Public Welfare

Chapter VII. Institutional Obligations

Chapter VIII. Revision & Amendments

Chapter IX. Final Provisions