BALDWIN HOUSE, Glenora — After several long months of planning and preparation, the Government is pleased to announce Eniarku’s official return to the Community after a nearly six-year period of inactivity. With yesterday’s ratification of the nation’s first codified constitution, the Grand Duchy of Eniarku came into existence at 12am EST as the official successor state of the now-defunct kingdom.

The new constitution has been praised by Grand Duke Alexander and other members of the newly-formed Council of State for its simple yet effective structure. In a brief statement, the Grand Duke noted that “[w]hile the various governments of the previous incarnations of our nation have been unnecessarily overcomplicated and at times redundant, this new national constitution takes a much-needed ‘less is more’ approach to governance that, I am sure, will allow our state to thrive without near-constant maintenance.”

Following ratification, the Government also enacted a set of five laws designed to complement the constitution:

  • Construction and Codification Act (A.S. 2401)
  • Honours and Titles Act (A.S. 2402)
  • National Security Act (A.S. 2403)
  • Banking and Commerce Act (A.S. 2404)
  • National Symbols Act (A.S. 2405)

On the foreign affairs front, the Government is pleased to announce the renewal of diplomatic relations with the Karno-Ruthenian Empire with the signing of the new Treaty of Mutual Recognition, Friendship, and Cooperation, which became effective in mid-April in preparation for Eniarku’s reestablishment. It is the shared hope of this Government, as well as that of Karno-Ruthenia and other longtime friends of Eniarku, that the return of our nation to the Community will contribute to the momentum of the noble project of micronationalism across the North American sector and around the world.

As Eniarku continues to reintegrate itself into the micronational space, the Government welcomes any requests to engage in (or reopen) diplomatic ties, which may be addressed to the official email:

Please note that this website will continue to be updated frequently, as will Eniarku-related pages on MicroWiki.